Therapeutic Supervision

Therapeutic Supervision is a series of non-confidential supervised visits of one or both parents and the child, including any clinical interventions that are appropriate, followed by a report and recommendations to the court, Family Court Services, another agency, or the child’s attorney, if there is one. The supervisor will observe the parent with the child and may make clinical interventions either with the child present or with the parent alone. The report describes the visits, any interventions, and the relationship between the parent and child and offers clinical observations and opinions about the child, the parent, and their relationship. The recommendations describe what needs to be done to restore an appropriate level of contact with the parent while keeping the child safe and healthy.

My approach is to have as small of an effect on the visit as possible, at least in the beginning, unless I observe something that I feel needs an intervention. If I do intervene, I try to do so in a manner that builds the parent-child relationship and does not stigmatize the parent. I try to reserve any corrections for when the child is not present.

Therapeutic supervision has a much smaller counseling component than reunification counseling and is usually much shorter. It might be as little as 3-4 visits or as much as weekly visits for several months. As with reunification counseling, it is important to proceed carefully. I prefer to go through a similar process to establish a relationship with both parents before beginning the actual supervision, unless the visits must begin immediately.

The cost is typically between $3,000 (3-5 visits) and $6,000 (initial meetings plus 6-8 visits) including the report and recommendations. The retainer is usually the full estimated cost of the work including any reports.