Emergency Screening

An emergency screening is a mini-assessment, usually limited to a specific issue (such as selection of school or imminent travel) that constitutes an emergency. These are done routinely at Family Court Services where they are ordered by the court. It is not clear whether there is any provision for doing them privately or whether they would have any standing. As such, they are fairly rare.

My approach is to determine whether there is unanimous agreement that there is an emergency and that a private “screening” is the appropriate vehicle or if there is some other procedure that would suffice. If we proceed, I handle them very much as at Family Court Services except that I do not get to go directly to the judge. Instead, I will write a recommendation and, perhaps, a short memo outlining the reasons.

Screenings usually take place in just a few days. They may involve a single meeting. The cost is just the hourly cost which would probably be between $600 and $2,000, all of which would be paid as a retainer. I am often available to conduct a screening within a day or even the same day.