Curriculum Vitae

Wes Christensen is a licensed family therapist (lmft) in private practice in the San Jose / Palo Alto area. He specializes in child custody cases related to Family Court proceedings. He offers a range of services to parents, attorneys, and the Court including mediation, custody evaluations, special master appointments, coparent counseling, reunification counseling, therapeutic supervision, and individual and family therapy and counseling. Wes frequently testifies as the Courtís expert in matters related to child custody, parenting, and coparenting issues.

Wes places a high priority on settling cases. He has developed an approach that combines sensitivity to the genuine concerns of each party, respect for diverse values and perspectives, consistent and realistic focus on the best interests of the children, education and skills building in child development and interpersonal relations, gentle but firm correction of ineffective behaviors and belief systems, and an awareness of the legal system and an ability to work effectively within it.

Wes worked at Family Court Services, Superior Court, in San Jose, California, from 1996 to 2000 doing mediations, emergency screenings, and custody assessments and evaluations. In this capacity he completed several hundred emergency screenings, about a hundred mediations, and about thirty custody assessments and evaluations. Since 1996, Wes has had a fulltime private practice working primarily with family law cases.

Wes earned his ms mfcc from San Jose State University in 1989. His internship placements included Almaden Valley Youth Counseling Service and The Bridge where he worked extensively with families and children both at school and at the agency; Chemical Dependency Institute where he completed rotations in inpatient, outpatient, and continuing care; Growth and Leadership Center where he worked as a management consultant and team building facilitator to industry; and at the graduate clinic at San Jose State University. Wes received his mfcc license in 1994.

Wes was involved in a partnership with another clinician for about 3 years as a management consulting team. During this time, he worked with middle and upper level management in many prominent Silicon Valley companies. His work was focused on team building, management coaching, group dynamics in the work place, and communication skills.

Prior to his clinical career, Wes worked as a software engineer from the time he obtained his BS in Computer Science in 1970 from Utah State University until 1992. Most of this was with IBM where he worked as a functional manager, project manager, department manager, development engineer, and instructor.